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Rock your Degree with STUDYPUNK
Rock your Degree with STUDYPUNK

Rock your Bachelor’s with STUDYPUNK!



Do you feel overwhelmed with all the information about undergraduate studies on the Internet? Which subject to study? Which Bachelor’s programs to apply for? And where to study abroad?

At STUDYPUNK, we understand your frustration and excitement when you plan for your future. That is why Ruby, our blogger, is here to help you choose and apply for the best Bachelor’s programs in 

The List: Shortcut to your dream undergraduate studies, listing over 20,000 Bachelor’s programs worldwide.

The Vibe: Feel the vibe of all the campuses around the world Ruby has been to.

The Insights: Everything you need to know as a student, ranging from study tips to career advice.

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About RUBY

Hello everyone! My name is Ruby and I am STUDYPUNK’s core blogger. I travel around the world to discover the coolest Bachelor’s programs, campuses, and study insights for you guys. You might find me too real for your taste, but I’m surely real enough for your college experience.

I’m mostly spotted on Instagram. Find me there maybe?

About Ruby