Best Countries for Studying Abroad

Best Countries for Studying Abroad


There are many benefits to studying abroad. Aside from the unique cultural experience it can offer, the opportunity to learn a new language is an essential skill to have and can set you up extremely well in later life. Moreover, travelling can help you grow as a human and become more tolerant and well-rounded.

Aside from the personal benefits of travelling, it also looks great on your CV. Employers favour candidates who have taken a leap into the unknown and who can show that they are independent and brave.

So without further ado, check out our list of the top ten countries for studying.

1. Sweden

If you're an EU citizen, you've got a great reason to consider studying in Sweden: you'll be exempt from paying tuition fees. The only costs you have to worry about are your living costs. And unlike in other countries, in Sweden there is no limit on how many hours of work international students can perform during their studies. So you'll be able to afford to support yourself while studying with a part-time jobs. Plus, the standard of teaching is generally very high, and almost everyone speaks English.

2. Italy

With a rich historical and cultural tradition, Italy is a wonderful place to visit but also a great place to study! The social life is vibrant, the food is delicious, and the language is relatively easy for Romance language speakers to learn. As well as respected expertise in the areas of history and art, Italy offers some outstanding universities in the areas of engineering and technology.

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3. United Kingdom

Ruby at the University of York, United Kingdom 

Ruby at the University of York, United Kingdom

Expensive tuition fees for international students are off-putting, but if you can get a grant or if you can afford to pay the fees outright then Britain can be a wonderful place to study. It has many old and renowned universities and offers greater networking opportunities than perhaps any country other than the US. Living costs are more reasonable outside of London, and brushing up on your English will be an advantage for lots of jobs in the future.

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4. Germany

With a strong reputation for engineering and sciences, plus a long history of academic discovery, Germany is a great choice for studying abroad. The academic standards are high and you can find both traditional universities and excellent technical universities within the country. Living costs are affordable in most cities, the transport links to other countries are good, and most people speak English. You can even find some universities which offer whole courses in English.


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STUDYPUNK Team at Tampere University, Finland 

STUDYPUNK Team at Tampere University, Finland

5. Finland

If you can handle cold weather and relatively sparse population grouping in Finland, then the Finnish high educational system is excellent. The big advantages, outside of the academics, are the beauty of the landscape and a high quality of life. Finnish is a difficult language to learn, but it's increasingly common to find people speaking English as well.

6.    USA

The US has arguably the most respected higher learning institutions in the world. The most influential research and the biggest projects are often from the US, so it's the place to be if you want to fast-track your career. However, fees for US universities can be exceedingly high. If you can get funding or a student job, it's a great place to study, but without funding it'll be difficult.

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7.    Canada

If you like the sound of the culture of the US but don't want to face the very high fees, consider studying in Canada. With respected universities of its own, Canada has a very high rate of international students which reflects the relative ease of studying there.

8.    Argentina

You might not think of studying in South America at first, but in fact the higher education systems in various South American countries have been getting better and better. With vibrant local culture as well as good universities which are cheap to attend, Argentina is an enticing option for students who are feeling adventurous. 

9.    Denmark

Another country with free tuition for EU citizens is Denmark. Although the costs of living are high, the quality of life is generally very good. And if you're thinking about doing a master's degree or a PhD, then Denmark offers an excellent postgrad system where students are usually well funded.


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10.    China

Finally, if you're willing to try your hand at a totally new experience, consider learning in China. With an incredibly rich history and cultural highlights including art, history, and food, China is becoming more and more popular as a place to study. The universities have expertise in economics, business, and technology in particular. You will probably need to learn Chinese though, so be prepared for that.

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