10 Biggest Struggles of Bachelor's Students

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Study advice

Doing a Bachelor's degree is an exciting undertaking, opening up the chance to learn new things, meet new people, and have new experiences. Studying at university can be deeply intellectually stimulating and rewarding, as well as a lot of fun! But it can also be difficult in ways you might not expect. Here are 10 of the biggest struggles of Bachelor's students.

1. Time management

So much to do, not enough time to do it all! This is a challenge for every new student. Attending lectures, doing research, completing assignments, attending social events, playing sports – with so much to keep track of, it's hard to make sure everything gets done.

2. Dealing with stress and pressure

Between all the demands on your time and the requirement to complete assessments like term papers or exams, some periods of Bachelor's study can feel overwhelming. It helps to have an outlet for this stress, so find something that works for you - whether it's exercise, meditation, or relaxing with friends.

3. Exam time

Exam week is dreaded by Bachelor's students all over the world. Having to face not just one exam but multiple exams is intimidating, but in fact you can use this to your advantage. When the classes you're taking are in related fields, revising for one subject will help bolster your understanding of other subjects too. So block out the few weeks before exam time to revise of all the material you've covered so far.

4. Dealing with multiple classes

Bachelor's students will usually be studying multiple topics at any one time, often up to four different class in one semester. It's not easy to keep in mind all the different material needed to succeed in each of those classes – it requires organisation and the ability to be able to mentally jump from one topic to another quickly.

5. Self-motivation

There are going to be some days when you just don't feel like getting any work done. It's great to have the freedom of a flexible schedule, and to get to decide when you will work and on which topic. But you need to learn to push yourself through feelings of boredom or listlessness to get your work done even when your motivation is low.



6. Balancing social life and study

Go out and party or stay in and study? This question is often a struggle for students. On the one hand, only working all the time and never leaving the dorm is a miserable way to live; on the other, going out every night is a sure-fire way to flop your classes. Balancing the two is an ongoing challenge.

7. Finding a social circle

As many people doing a Bachelor's degree are living away from home for the first time, it can take some time to adjust to a very new social environment. Getting to know new people can be intimidating, but here's the secret: everyone feels uncomfortable and out of their depth in social situations sometimes. If you're struggle to make friends and feel unsure how you should act, you're definitely not the only one.

8. Funding and/or part time jobs

Studying can be expensive, and if you're relying on outside funding or a part-time job to pay for your tuition fees and living costs then this can be an additional source of stress. Balancing your time so that you earn enough to cover your costs while also having enough time to complete your studies can be a big challenge.

9. Living a healthy lifestyle

There are always jokes about students living off packet ramen and pulling all-nighters, but the reality is that eating well (at least sometimes) and regularly getting a good night's sleep will make you feel much better and be a much better student. It's not easy to cook in cramped shared student kitchens, or to sleep in noisy dorms, however!

10. Plans for the future

Many a student has been distressed by a well-meaning relative asking what they'll be doing once they graduate. It can be hard enough to deal with the pressures of graduating without already worrying about future employment. But this is an area where starting to think about your options early can help you to set up a job, internship, or volunteer position once you graduate.

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