10 Smart Gift Ideas For College Students

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It's the holiday season, so maybe you're looking for a gift for the college student in your life. Here are our top suggestions for gifts:

1. Dropbox subscription

College students will have a ton of important electronic files, from essays they've written to lecture notes, and if something goes wrong with their computer then losing these files can be a nightmare! Help them to keep backups of all their important work by giving a subscription to a cloud-based file storage and sync service like Dropbox.

2. Magazine or newspaper subscription

It's helpful for students to keep up with the general news in their field as well as learning the specifics of their courses, and reading informative magazines is a fun way for them to do this. Keep them up to date by gifting a subscription to a publication such as The Economist or Discover Magazine.

3. Notebooks, pens, and other stationery

You can never have enough pens! Highlighters, notebooks, and other stationery will be needed by every college student. For the practical minded student, pick up a big pack of lots of ball point pens in different colours, or for the more creative student, give them funky stationery sets with colourful designs to brighten up their note taking.

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4. Calendar or diary

Another thing that every student should have is a diary or calendar to keep track of all their schoolwork. Now at the end of the year is a great time to pick up a 2017 diary as a gift. Go for a small pocket-sized or A5 diary which will be easy to carry around in a bag, or find a wall calendar based around a theme which they enjoy.

5. Laptop case

Many students use laptop computers to take notes in lectures and to work on their assignments, and they'll be lugging their laptops around in their bags. Help them to keep their precious computer safe and protected by giving them a laptop case or sleeve. Just make sure to check the size of their computer before you purchase a case.

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6. Amazon giftcards

Giftcards might not be the most exciting of presents, but they sure are useful! Textbooks can be extremely expensive, and students will also want to buy books, music, electronics or other things to help with their studies. A giftcard from Amazon will let them buy whatever it is they need for their next semester.

7. eBook reader e.g. Kindle or Nook

E-book readers are now cheap enough to be affordable for lots of people, and they're really useful for students. Students can load up their e-readers with textbooks, PDF files, and other materials for their classes and carry everything around without the big weight of paper books.

8. Chromebook laptop

If the student you're shopping for is in need of a laptop, then you can pick up a Google Chromebook for a fairly low price. These machines are generally slim and lightweight, with a minimal Chrome OS which is perfect for note taking, office applications, email, and web browsing. The laptops tend to have small hard drives, but come with unlimited online file storage, so as long as the user has an internet connection then they'll be able to access all of their files.

9. Fan or heater for their dorm room

College dorm rooms are not renowned for their luxury – and it seems like almost every dorm is either much too cold or much too hot. If you live in a hot area, an oscillating room fan can be a godsend for an overheated and overworked student. If you're in a cold area, then there's nothing worse than spending your days huddled under a pile of blankets – so a room heater can be a gift which will be massively appreciated.

10. Backpack, laptop bag, or messenger bag

Finally, every student needs a decent bag to carry around all of their college equipment. The most popular styles are backpack or messenger bags, which can fit plenty of books and papers. Such bags often come with a laptop compartment too, making them a great gift for students needing to haul their computers around.

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