10 Top Bachelor's Programs in Software Development

With the rising popularity in computer science as an undergraduate degree, specialised courses in Software Development or Software Engineering are becoming more common. These courses typically include some of the same programming and coding teaching that is typical of computer science courses, but they also focus on the design and implementation of software in a more practical way.

The courses aim to produce graduates who can work in roles such as software developer (with an average salary of $50,000) or database developer (with an average salary of $75,000). If you have a strong interest in computer programming, here are ten of the best programs for undergraduate degrees in software development from around the world.

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Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Course: Bachelor of Computer Science with a minor in Software Engineering

A course with both programming and engineering elements, plus a focus on the design and creation of software systems. It includes practical experience through internships and a mentored project.


University of California, Irvine, USA

Course: Bachelor of Software Engineering

A course covering the basis of computer science along with knowledge about the engineering of modern software systems. It includes teaching on mathematics and statistics, practical project courses, and teaching on how to function as part of a team.


University of Liverpool, UK

Course: Bachelor of Software Development

This course includes teaching on programming in languages like Java, as well as the principles of software design, database development, and object oriented programming.


Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Course: Bachelor of Software Engineering

With a base of computer science and specialised coursework in software engineering, this course includes study in the fields on engineering, mathematics, business, and the natural sciences.


University of Toronto, Canada

Course: Bachelor of Computer Engineering with a specialisation in Computer Software

A general electrical and computer engineering course which offers the possibility of specialisation into Computer Software after the second year.


RMIT University, Australia

Course: Bachelor of Software Engineering

A course with covers aspects of management such as communication skills in addition to technical skills like programming, which suits graduates who want to work as interfaces between businesses and large-scale software systems.


University of Birmingham, UK

Course: Computer Science/Software Engineering MEng

The first year of this course covers the basics of computer science, with a second year focus on databases and object oriented programming, a third year including a large team project and electives, and a fourth year of studying safety systems and a final degree project to produce a piece of software.


University of Glasgow, UK

Course: Bachelor of Software Engineering

A practical, design-oriented approach to computing is offered by this course, including topics such as databases, software project management, real-time systems, and experience in the form of a software engineering team project.


Monash University, Australia

Course: Bachelor of Information Technology with a major in Software Development

The Information Technology course at Monash allows you to pick from a number of majors, including Software Development. This major has a focus on the skills required to develop and implement software solutions, from systems analysis to programming to implementation.


University of Surrey, UK

Course: Bachelor of Software Development for Business

A course with the aim of high employability for its graduates, the Software Development for Business combines academic study with work experience and industry placement opportunities, with teaching on programming and problem-solving in addition to group project work.

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