• Have you ever thought your college life is so awesome that you want to tell the whole world about it?

    Here at STUDYPUNK, we understand the thrill and excitement of your student life. That’s why we created this competition to help you express your thoughts, and of course, show your photography skills as well! Are you ready?

    Then join us now! It’s easy. Send us photos showing your university experience now!

    Your photos will inspire our users to find the right Bachelor’s programs for themselves and have the courage to study abroad.


  • Three main topics you can film are:

    1. Attach at least 5 pictures of your campus, university, city, etc. Basically, anything related to your student life (except for parties and alcohols)

    2. Attach a paragraph of 200 words minimum, describing what the photos are about and what you love the most about your university, student life, and city, etc. These questions can be of use if you have trouble conveying your message.

    • Why did you choose to go to your university?
    • Share one moment you love the most during your college experience.
    • What do you like about your university the most?
    • What would you say to your university’s prospective students?
    • Describe your university in one word.

    Don’t forget to mention some details like the university name, the city or your degree, etc.

    Remember that we do not expect you to be a professional photojournalist! Edited cameras are good, but also smartphone photos are totally accepted and welcomed.

  • The photo essay shouldn't be:

    • Offensive for the institution/staff in any way.
    • Too personal. Don’t tell us where you party or skip the lectures! Focus on the academic/cultural 
part of your experience.
    • Poor quality. You can use your mobile phone but don’t forget it needs to be good enough to be shared with 
other students. Remember, the goal is to inspire other students abroad with your amazing experience!
  • You can upload your photo essays through e.g. WeTransfer or Google Drive and send the download link through our form here providing us with your name, host university and e-mail address.

  • 40 EUR or 50 USD, depending on your preferred currency.

    Every month, for exceptional photo essays, we also give:

    • One Grand Reward: 60 EUR, or 70 USD.
    • One Silver Reward: 50 EUR, or 60 USD.


    Upon approval, we will ask you for your personal details to send you the reward. Please keep in mind that we only transfer the reward via PayPal.

  • With your participation, you accept the eligibility requirements that STUDYPUNK has all rights to use and publish your photo essays. The participant confirms with the submission of the videos that the copyrights belong exclusively to him/her, that means no third party can claim rights to the submitted video. STUDYPUNK receives the non-exclusive, temporally and regionally irrevocable and irrevocable rights of use of the submitted works, in order to be able to use them for our purposes and to process them. This includes the distribution on social media platforms and on the website of STUDYPUNK.

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