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The PSE Summer School offers research-oriented teaching by leading experts in their fields. Conducted entirely in English , it is aimed at professionals, researchers, and graduate students (Masters and PhD) notably in Economics, in Social Sciences and Finance. Undergraduate students in Economics will be considered if their profile is exceptionally strong. Since 2016, it has brought together in Paris over 630 participants, representing 68 nationalities, from all over the world.

    Unfortunately, due to the covid-19 crisis, the 2020 edition has been cancelled. We’ve contacted individually each person who already paid or was about to ; please write to if you’ve missed this email.

    The following courses are generally offered:

    CLIMATE CHANGE - Impacts, adaptation and political constraints


    The impacts of climate change on the economy (in particular, on health, income, migration, etc.) and the appropriate regulation of « the greatest externality the world has ever seen », as the Stern Review puts it, are increasingly at the center of the policy and scientific debate. This program introduces participants to the cutting-edge research on the topic and familiarizes them with the relevant methods of analysis (econometric analysis, dynamic modelling).

      • Instructors: Mireille Chiroleu-Assouline, Olivier Deschenes, Katrin Millock, Hélène Ollivier and Katheline Schubert


      DEVELOPMENT - Inequality, social interactions, and institutional dynamics


      Institutions and social frictions (associated with inequalities, political conflicts, corruption, and cultural polarization) are central themes in development economics. This program gets you up to speed with the existing academic literature and current debates. The professors will present leading theories, introduce different research methods, and take stock of the existing empirical evidence on inequality and institutional development.

        • Instructors: François Bourguignon, Denis Cogneau, Oliver Vanden Eynde, Thierry Verdier and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya


        MIGRATION ECONOMICS - Development impacts of migration and challenges in global labor markets


        Migration is a major aspect of globalization and is increasingly at the center of the public and policy debate. The professors aim to present frontier research on the economics of migration and to provide the tools to contribute to this field. What are the microeconomic impacts of migration and how to address the challenge of identifying them? What is the relationship between migration, other dimensions of globalization, and development? What are the public finance and demographic effect of immigration for the host countries? What are the effects of immigration on the labor market? What are the barriers to immigrants’ assimilation? The program combines theoretical modeling in the migration literature with the most recent and rigorous empirical evidence.

          • Instructors: Hippolyte d’Albis, David McKenzie, Hillel Rapoport and Biagio Speciale




          Social media, platforms and networks have become ever more important in economic interactions and central to current economic policy debate. Nowadays, many two-sided markets exist, in which buyers and sellers interact through an intermediary, or platform, that accounts for the externalities between the groups. This program discusses the main theoretical insights suggested by the economic literature and proposes several empirical tests using real case examples that involve important actors such as radio and television broadcasters, eBay, Google, Facebook, Twitter or Real estate platforms.

          • Instructors: Francis Bloch, Bernard Caillaud, Philippe Gagnepain and Régis Renault


            PSE Summer School


            EXPERIMENTAL ECONOMICS - Empirical tools and methods to investigate economic behavior


            While experiments have been seen for long as a specific domain within economics, the experimental method is now widely considered as a tool among others in the typical economist’s toolbox. Its use has shed light on many areas, on the theoretical side as on the more applied and descriptive ones. It has led to the development of “behavioral economics”, but its relevance is much wider than just that. This program offers an overview of experimental methods and techniques aimed at understanding economic behavior: how to design, implement and analyze an experiment so to answer a research question.

              • Instructors: Béatrice Boulu-Reshef, Fabrice Etilé, Nicolas Jacquemet, Olivier L’Haridon and Angelo Secchi

              INTERNATIONAL TRADE - Firms, policies and distributional outcomes


              This programme addresses recent debates at the frontier of the field: the distributive effects of trade, the performances of firms in the global economy, advances in methods to analyze international trade flows (structural gravity), and the revival of trade policies.

              The professors will cover many topics, from the links between trade and income distribution, firm productivity gains and wages, to the role of export/inport prices and values, of tax and trade policies, but also the political economy of trade policy and the impact of dis‐integration shocks such as Brexit.

              • Instructors: Maria Bas, Mathieu Parenti, Ariell Reshef and Yoto V. Yotov


              MACROECONOMICS - Understanding macroeconomic fluctuation


              This program introduces students to the frontier of research on a variety of topics by covering both short-term macro analysis in closed and open economies and medium-term issues such as bubbles, unemployment and financial crises. The aim is to provide the essential tool box of macroeconomics. Emphasis is put on introducing tools and developing deep understanding of current issues.

                • Instructors: Florin Bilbiie, Jean-Olivier Hairault, Jean Imbs, Romain Rancière and Gilles Saint-Paul.


                MICROECONOMETRICS AND POLICY EVALUATION - Modern Estimation Methods and Machine Learning


                This program presents recent developments in the microeconomic analysis of impact evaluation. Providing a credible estimation of a causal effect has become a standard in economic analysis, both in research papers and policy reports. But it is also equally important to integrate the estimated effects into economic models, in order to improve the design of policies. The professors therefore propose a comprehensive approach of policy analysis and aim at providing theoretical insights on methods for public policy evaluation, as well as experience in data manipulation and Stata software.

                • Instructors: Philipp Ketz, Margherita Comola, David Margolis and Liam Wren Lewis


                THE DESIGN OF MARKET PLACES - Recent development in matching theory and empirical methods of matching


                Allocation procedures have recently become a new and exciting field of economic research, with a wide range of applications. Matching theory has developed and matured to a point where matching theorists could guide designs of medical match and other entry-level labor markets, school choice, course allocation and organ donation, among others. This program introduces the participants to the most recent research, including thorough presentation of the basics of the economics of matching both on theory and empirical grounds, as well as the questions to be explored in the coming years.

                  • Instructors: Atila Abdulkadiroglu, Alfred Galichon and Olivier Tercieux


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                      The PSE Summer School is aimed at professionals, researchers, and graduate students (Masters and PhD) notably in Economics, in Social Sciences and Finance. Undergraduate students in Economics will be considered if their profile is exceptionally strong.

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