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The Animation and Game Design major lets you specialise in the engaging area of visual narrative communication, which includes animation design and development, and game design and development.


You will learn and apply the theory and fundamentals behind visual narrative construction by investigating 2D and 3D animation, visual effects production and game design, and developing immersive, virtual world designs. You will also gain experience using up-to-date industry standard software in simulated studio environments.

This major has strong connections to local, national and international animation and video game development industries. 

Animation and Game Design is offered as part of the Bachelor of Design. You can enhance your studies with a secondary major or choose from a range of elective units to support your career goals.

What you'll learn

  • Apply narrative communication skills through visual and interactive mediums; understand the fundamentals of communication; contribute to cultural production through creation of animation and game projects
  • Think critically and reflectively to explore animation and communication design solutions
  • Investigate and evaluate a range of solutions to creative problems, using appropriate technologies and investigative techniques
  • Clearly communicate concept, narrative, theme and issues through animated and interactive mediums, and effectively create outcomes appropriate for a wide audience
  • Use appropriate technical skills in the production of interactive or visual narrative communication mediums; use and discern tools and technologies appropriate for the production execution
  • Demonstrate a range of abilities in knowledge acquisition for the production of projects; recognise the importance of self-directed learning for technical and creative projects, and the development of lifelong learning skills
  • Recognise cultural differences for narrative construction for game and animation, and communication of global issues; apply international conventions and standards in individual projects
  • Recognise the significance cultural diversity plays in the construction of narratives; respect individuals from all cultures; apply cultural understanding to narrative-based projects
  • Work independently and collaboratively, demonstrating leadership skills in group projects; demonstrate professional processes and practices for project developments and collaborative environments

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