BA with Major in International Service

Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics

The BA degree program has a required major in International Service which is basic preparation for cross-cultural or international service. In addition, the student will be required to choose one of four minors and/or certificates—Linguistics, World Arts, Cross-Cultural Service, or TESOL.

Upon completion of this degree students will:

Have the skills to implement a personal self-directed language learning program.

Have moderate proficiency in a foreign language.

Be able to apply independent analysis and critical thinking skills especially to the challenges of international service.

Have a knowledge of the skills and attitudes necessary to serve across cultural boundaries.

Be able to effectively and properly communicate ideas and concepts in both oral and written forms.

Understand the ingredients of a ‘worldview’ and have begun developing a personal worldview integrating religious faith, intellectual curiosity, global awareness, and an attitude of service.


The mission of the Bachelor of Arts in International Service (BA-IS) degree is to equip students with the basic skills and attitudes needed for entry level service to others across language and culture barriers.

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