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The study of chemistry provides students with knowledge of the composition, properties and transformations of matter and the ability to analyze, synthesize and quantitate in this context. Because the program emphasizes the fundamental principles and theories of chemistry, as well as practical laboratory techniques and use of instrumentation, the Chemistry major at Columbia College furnishes students with the skills needed for employment in the chemical industry or in chemical education and also provides a strong foundation for graduate study in chemistry or health-related professions. Students who have completed a degree in Chemistry from Columbia College should possess:

Knowledge of the composition, properties and transformations of inorganic and organic chemical substances.

Understanding of chemical principles, models and theories used to rationalize and predict chemical phenomena.

Proficiency in laboratory skills including chemical synthesis, instrumental analysis and quantitative measurement.

The ability to properly observe experiments, record results, and critically interpret those results through mathematical and statistical analysis.

Competence in scientific writing and oral presentations; familiarity with the use of chemical literature.

Understanding of the importance of ethics and values in their professional and everyday lives.

The proper background for employment in chemistry-related technical, industrial or educational fields.

A foundation for graduate study in chemistry-related fields or professional health-related programs.

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Bachelor's programs


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