Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences in Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BS-HSCI) in Administration is designed for students who are ready to prepare for a career in the healthcare field. Professionals already working can complete a BS-HSCI degree to move on to a senior leadership position.

The administration concentration prepares students to work in a medical office, clinic, and/or hospital setting in a management position. Graduates will be qualified to assume leadership roles in various healthcare environments and also move on to graduate school.

Major Requirements

UIW Core Curriculum Requirements (42-46 hours)

See Core Curriculum for course information

Health Sciences Core Curriculum (25 hours)

BIOL 1401 Diversity of Life and Laboratory
HSCI 2310 Health Sciences I
HSCI 2320 Health Sciences II
HSCI 3330 Legal Issues in Healthcare
HSCI 3350 Epidemiology and Public Health
HSCI 4310 Healthcare Policy
HSCI 4320 Biostatistics and the Health Sciences
HSCI 4330 Health Sciences Research Methods

Health Sciences Curriculum (30 hours from the following):

HSCI 2312 Medical Terminology
HSCI 2315 Medical Coding
HSCI 2317 Medical Insurance Practice
HSCI 2327 Introduction to the Electronic Health Record
HSCI 2330 HIPAA Compliance and Certification
HSCI 2340 Information Technology and Systems
HSCI 3305 Basic Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation
HSCI 3310 Healthcare Organizations and Administration
HSCI 3315 Introduction to Administrative Medical Assisting
HSCI 3317 Healthcare Communication
HSCI 3320 Healthcare Data Management
HSCI 3340 Third Party Payment Systems
HSCI 3355 Healthcare Ethics and Law

Administration Core Curriculum (21 hours)

ACC 2311 Financial Accounting
BLW 3317 Legal Aspects of Business
FIN 3321 Business Finance
MGT 3340 Concepts and Functions of Management
MGT 3354 Theories and Concepts of Personnel Management
MGT 4340 Applied Management Practice
MGT 4355 Organizational Behavior

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