Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

Bellevue University

Criminal justice plays a big role in high profile social issues in the news almost every day: gun violence, sexual exploitation and trafficking, substance abuse, and family violence. Bellevue University’s in-class Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice incorporates an uncommon and innovative approach to the traditional study of criminal justice topics: current social issues, events, violence, and crime are covered in-context, in nearly every course.

(Please note this Criminal Justice program option is only available in-class and you will register for your courses term by term.)

For example, questions and issues that are presented and discussed in your classes throughout the criminal justice degree program include:

What is the nature and extent of the crime/social problem?

How does law enforcement handle and investigate these crimes?

What are the causes of violent behavior?

How do offenders move through the criminal justice system process?

What are the laws and how are they different in various jurisdictions?

How should criminals be punished?

Are the victims and families forgotten in the process?

You will explore these questions and others which results in a “real world” approach to the study of all criminological and criminal justice topics. And in investigating answers, you’ll gain a practical application for each component of the criminal justice program. Bellevue University faculty members, who are current or former practitioners in their field, will infuse all of the foundational concepts throughout the curriculum and seek to help you become successful in your criminal justice career.

You’ll emerge from the Criminal Justice degree program with strong critical thinking skills because you are able to explore relevant topics in a manner that is practical, in-depth, and different from other traditional four-year CJ programs.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (in-class) degree will be prepared to do the following:

Assess criminal justice operations to effectively address crime and social problems

Analyze trends to address the needs of the criminal justice system

Examine theoretical constructs of criminal behavior to provide strategies that impact crime and social problems

If law school is your goal, the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice may be an option for a pre-law major. Speak to your admissions counselor about your options. If you wish to pursue a graduate degree, you will be fully prepared to enter the Master of Science in Justice Administration and Crime Management degree program.

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