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William Jessup University’s Biology Program is dedicated to providing students with the personal support and intellectual skills to master core principles and competencies in the life sciences and to apply their knowledge, from a Christian ethos, in the service of humanity. Students of Biology will be trained how to think ‘beyond’ the life sciences, to integrate concepts from diverse disciplines. The multidisciplinary approach in Biology naturally gives rise to novel solutions and new discoveries, creating opportunities for WJU graduates, as Christian critical thinkers, to impact society and lead in new fields.

Program Details

Using Your Degree

Apply for professional degree programs, including medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, veterinarian

Apply to allied health programs, including nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, radiological tech, ultrasound tech, and many more.

Apply to Allied Health programs – Physicians Assistant, Pharmacology Tech

Teach in secondary education

Cellular and molecular research

Ocean and fisheries management

Pursue graduate research programs in biology and marine biology


Bachelor's programs


Rocklin , United States