B.S. in Physics

This program prepares students for professional work as a physicist, and is the first step to graduate work in physics. It is also excellent preparation for graduate programs in medicine, law or engineering, as well as for technical jobs in industry.


We offer B.S. options in materials science, chemical physics and astronomy, which require fewer physics courses combined with a concentration in another area.


  1. Satisfy the requirements of the Discovery Program.
  2. Satisfy the Writing Requirements. This requirement includes 4 courses, two of which (English 401 and Physics 705) are also Physics B.S. degree requirements. A list of approved writing intensive courses appears on the web.
  3. Satisfy the Bachelor of Science Requirements: a minimum of 128 credits at the 400-799 level and at a GPA of at least 2.00.
  4. Minimum Physics requirements: PHYS 400, 407-408, 505/506, 508, 605, 615-616, 701-702, 703-704, and 705; plus two courses selected from PHYS 708, 710, 712, 718, 720, and 764.
  5. Chemistry: Either CHEM 403 or CHEM 405. (Note: to take CHEM 405, a student must have taken chemistry in high school.)
  6. Math: 425-426, and one of the following two options. Option 1 is Linearity (Math 525 and Math 526). Option 2 is Math 527, Math 528, and a course in linear algebra, which can be either Math 545 or Math 645.  Linearity better prepares you for upper-level physics courses, but students need to be motivated, independent learners to do well in this class and to have earned a B or better in Calc I and II; Linearity is not for everyone. Linearity is 6 credits each semester, so it is equivalent to three classes. 
  7. Computer Science: Either CS 410 or IAM 550.
  8. A student must have a minimum grade of C in each 400- or 500- level course specifically required for the B.S. degree and an overall grade-point average of 2.33 in these courses in order to continue in the B.S. program.
  9. Physics majors can fulfill the University's Capstone Requirement in one of two ways: (1) completing a senior thesis (PHYS799) or (2) taking the Physics capstone course (PHYS798). Students who complete a summer research project in physics after their junior year may submit a petition to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee to have the capstone requirement waived. 
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