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The SAP accredited MSc. in Business Analytics provides students with the skills and knowledge to manage and develop business analytics within organisations. The programme is designed as a specialist course, which assists students in blending their existing talents with the technological skills and business knowledge needed to use and manage big data and business analytics in modern knowledge-based organisations.

The programme is a taught Masters programme and consists of lectures, workshops, guest lectures from industry experts, and hands-on technology tutorials. Modules are assessed via continuous assessment, written assignments, applied projects and written examinations. 

Programme Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the MSc Business Analytics, students will have acquired industry-standard skills and in-depth knowledge to: 

1) Understand and be able to use specific IT which is used in developing business analytics.

2) Analyse and solve business problems using applied data analytics tools and techniques.

3) Understand and apply techniques for managing Information Technology in organisations.

4) Identify, analyse and solve applied problems in individual and team-based settings.

5) Apply effective decision making to global business problems.

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Master's programs


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