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Business is about translating big ideas into products and services consumers value. It's about production and service, revenues and expenses. Regulation, customer relations and market analysis. Research and development. Investment and growing the bottom line. It's about owning your own piece of the American dream — whether you want to lead one of the Fortune 500 companies down the road from Capital University, or run your own shop on Main Street, where you'll produce local goods, fuel the local economy, employ local people, improve your neighbors' lives and the contribute to the common good.

We offer majors in Accounting, Financial Economics, Business Management, and Marketing. Whatever your goal is in business and leadership, Capital will help you achieve it. Our curriculum is well-rounded, so you'll be grounded in the business fundamentals you'll need right out of college and down the road in your career. But you won't be entrenched in a particular disciple — because that's just not how successful business works these days. 

To have a competitive edge, you have to think, communicate and contribute across organizational lines accounting, economics, business law, marketing and management information systems. So that's how we've designed our curriculum and learning environment. So that when you graduate, you'll have a strong grasp of business foundations, and focus, skill and experience in the major of your choice. 

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