Chemistry, B.S.

The undergraduate degree program in Chemistry at Northeastern fulfills the needs of students with diverse academic goals and prepares them for careers in industry and academia. The program is accredited by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and meets the standards established by the ACS committee on Professional Training.

The curriculum provides the requisite background for students planning to attend graduate or professional schools in chemistry, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and other professional health fields. In addition to the chemistry courses in traditional disciplines, the department also offers specialized courses in environmental chemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and bio-organic chemistry. Students in the chemistry program have the opportunity to conduct research with the faculty of the department of chemistry or participate in internship programs at various institutions and industry.

The placement of Northeastern Chemistry majors into the workplace shortly after graduation as well as their acceptance into top rated graduate and professional programs in the country validates the strength of our program. The Chemistry Department is proud of the success of all its graduates and strives to excel by designing new course work and programs to help Northeastern students achieve their educational and career goals.

Program Benefits 

Northeastern is a teaching university. The primary focus of Chemistry Department faculty is the cultivation of a strong foundation in the major disciplines of chemistry (analytical, inorganic, organic and physical).

The diverse backgrounds and research interests of the faculty in conjunction with the low student to instructor ratio translates into accessibility by Chemistry majors to first person narrative by faculty members of career options available to them as well as guidance in realizing their career goals.

Affordable tuition, and commuter and residential options provide additional benefits to those seeking undergraduate study at Northeastern.

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