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NUI Galway
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The MSc. Digital Marketing programme at NUI Galway is designed as a specialist programme which enables students to blend traditional marketing knowledge with the strategic, analytical and digital skills needed to enter the digital marketing workforce.

 Open to business and non-business conversion graduates, students joining the programme originate from Ireland, India, China, USA, Canada, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar, Greece, Brazil, Malta, Austria, Iran and Germany. 

The roles that students secure reflect the diverse needs of employers and the importance of students possessing transferable skills to meet these needs, these roles include:

Social Media Strategist

Digital Channel Executive

Digital Analyst

PPC & Paid Social Specialist

Digital Marketing Executive


Corporate Marketing Executive

Professional Development

The MSc. Digital Marketing programme strives to build the technical skills of students with a repertoire of globally recognised certifications, sought-after by potential employers. These certifications derive from the Hubspot and Google Analytics Academy. MSc Digital Marketing Students, under special arrangements with the Marketing Institute of Ireland (MII), sit the MII Qualifier Exam, enabling them to become full members of the Marketing Institute and use the letters MMII Grad after their name, as well as being listed in the Marketing Institute’s Register of Qualified Marketers.‌

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Master's programs


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