Economics and Management BA

Economics studies how consumers, firms and governments make decisions that together determine how resources are allocated. An appreciation of economics helps to make sense of government policy-making, the conduct of businesses and the enormous changes in economic systems which are occurring throughout the world.

Management is concerned with the effective use and coordination of materials and labour within organisations in the pursuit of the organisation’s defined objectives. It considers the inter-relationship and interactions between distinct parts of an organisation, and between the organisation and its environment. Management students look at theories, models and frameworks in order to understand how managers behave and consider their role in the process of decision-making.

The top-ranking Economics and Management undergraduate degree programme examines issues central to the world: how the economy and organisations function, and how resources are allocated and coordinated. Economics and Management are ideal intellectual partners. Economics provides a broad understanding of economic activity within which all organisations function; Management in turn analyses the character and goals of that functioning.

The lectures and seminars are provided by the Department of Economics and the Saïd Business School.

E&M Careers

Graduates in Economics and Management are among the most sought after in the University. Employers of Economics and Management graduates include leading international organisations in traditional activities, as well as new start-up companies in a variety of high-tech fields. Recent graduates have secured positions in banking and finance, consultancy, research and teaching and a wide range of other sectors.

Dean is an analyst for Greenhill & Co, a leading independent mergers and acquisitions advisory firm. He says: ‘Oxford provided an unparalleled opportunity to enhance my self-confidence, develop thorough analytical skills and hone my ability to communicate in a clear and articulate manner – prerequisites for a career in investment banking.’

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