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Human exploitation of the environment has taken a serious toll on the planet. Environmental Scientists are needed to solve issues such as land degradation; urban and regional development challenges; impacts of mining, oil and gas extraction and processing; biodiversity loss and pollution. The core units develop your expertise in zoology, botany, ecology, genetics, environmental management, sustainability, statistics, and undertaking environmental research. The core biology units in combination with streams targeted to specific disciplines help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to meet these challenges.

Students will study a common first year and then choose to specialise in one of the following four streams.

Wildlife Biology

Conservation and management of wildlife is increasingly important in the protection of global biodiversity. This stream provides the knowledge and skills needed to work with wildlife, with a focus on Australia’s unique fauna. It provides opportunities to work towards research programs with leading wildlife biologists.


Restoration is a $2 trillion global enterprise encompassing marine, aquatic-to-terrestrial and desert ecosystems. This unique study stream places you at the forefront of this discipline and sets you on the path to advanced training through the Curtin Centre for Mine Site Restoration, the largest research facility of its kind in the world.


This stream will help you develop the practical and theoretical skills required to contribute to the field of genetics and microbiology. You will interact with a number of research teams that use genetic/bioinformatic approaches in the environmental and agricultural disciplines. Genetics and genomics have expanded rapidly in recent years and offer a number of employment opportunities as well as pathways to higher degree programs.

Environmental Chemistry

There is an increasing need to understand and manage the adverse effects of contaminants on the environment and on the biota that live in it. This stream gives you the chemical and toxicological skills necessary to evaluate degraded environments and implement strategies to restore environmental health.

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