Nursing (RN to BSN)

The Bellevue University Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) will prepare you for a broadened role in nursing and provide you with the critical performance skills needed for decision-making, leadership, management, and health promotion. In this online RN-BSN program, you will develop your skills as a professional nurse, learn the fundamentals of effective leadership, and gain a better understanding of the cultural, political, economic, and social issues that influence the delivery of healthcare and patient outcomes.

In the final two courses in the program, you will participate in a hands-on practicum. You will be able to partner with a preceptor to identify a nursing concern or issue, develop a plan to resolve the issue, implement, execute and evaluate the plan. Completing your BSN degree will keep you up to date with the rising level of education requirements for nursing and assist you with achieving your academic and professional goals. With a growing national demand for nurses, you'll have more job mobility and may be eligible for higher paying positions. View a detailed path to your BSN in our 2017 guide.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the online RN - BSN degree program, graduates will be able to demonstrate a proven skillset of assessing, planning and executing a strategic vision-a great asset to any organization. Upon graduation from the Bellevue University RN to BSN degree, you can choose to complete the final requirements towards certification from the Sigma Theta Tau on your own, increasing your marketability as a professional Registered Nurse.

You will emerge from the program a confident leader and professional ready to take on a broadened role in the multi-faceted aspects of the delivery of healthcare and patient outcomes.

Specifically, graduates of our online nursing degree program will be able to:

Promote the principles of professional nursing practice by synthesizing theories and concepts based on social, physical, and life sciences including humanities and liberal arts education.

Apply leadership concepts and skills to promote safe, quality care across a variety of healthcare settings.

Translate research findings to incorporate into evidence based nursing practice.

Incorporate patient care technology to manage information for the delivery of quality patient care.

Use knowledge of healthcare policy, finance and regulatory systems to provide safe, high quality professional practice.

Demonstrate inter and intra professional communication and collaborative skills that promote evidence based, patient centered care across the healthcare continuum.

Apply principles of health promotion, wellness and disease prevention that positively impact individuals, families, groups and communities.

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