Online BFA in Emergent Media and Communication

Valdosta State University

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in emergent media and communication program focuses on social media, data analytics, promotion and publicity strategies, communication law, skills for virtual and face-to-face worksites, as well as video, web, and graphic design.

The degree program is designed to prepare students to be practitioners, entrepreneurs, and innovators in the digital, interactive, and evolving world of communication. The carefully selected courses balance theory and practice, creative design, and critical thinking in an interdisciplinary learning environment. 

VSU is currently offering two Bachelor of Fine Arts in emergent media and communication classes this fall and plans to offer two more in the spring. Within the next three years, the program curriculum will be fully implemented and will include eight classes in the fall and 10 in the spring.

Borzi said that the degree prepares students for a variety of jobs, including social media manager, advertising representative, market research analyst, and content creation specialist.

“After finishing this degree, graduates will be able to step right into the workplace,” Borzi said. “It offers a high level of career preparation.”

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