Psychology Degree Program

Our Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree program focuses on the science of psychology--the theories and methods used to understand human behavior. You’ll gain knowledge by exploring of the subfields of psychology, gaining foundational clinical skills, and by conducting research projects that you design. As a psychology major, you’ll learn about human behavior, from basic brain function to interpersonal relationships.

You’ll also develop skills in critical thinking, ethical reasoning, problem solving, data analysis, written and oral communication, and interpersonal skills. These skills will be nurtured both in the classroom and in your hands-on applied work with a community partner. Studying psychology provides you with a versatile skill set that will serve you well in any number of career paths that you pursue after E-town, including careers working in community or counseling centers, schools, medical settings, business or non-profit settings, or as an independent consultant.

Our department offers one of the best undergraduate psychology programs in Pennsylvania for students looking for flexibility. Students can easily combine the Psychology major with an academic minor or a second major, and studying abroad is very easy to integrate into our major program. Our Psychology major program provides a firm foundation in all domains of the field. Students are required to take courses in Mind and Body, Self and Society, and Clinical and Counseling. As Psychology majors discover their area of greatest interest in the field, they are encouraged to take additional courses in that area. All students receive the same degree, which is excellent preparation for the workforce and later graduate work.

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