Spanish BA

Georgetown University

10 Spanish courses (minimum, unless placement requires additional language study) consisting of:

1 course to demonstrate mastery of Advanced Spanish: SPAN 104 (Advanced Spanish II) or SPAN 110 (Intensive Advanced Spanish). Students who begin their study of Spanish above the advanced level may substitute a 200-level elective. Heritage speakers may substitute SPAN-203 or SPAN-384 (Advanced Spanish for Heritage Speakers I and II).

2 semesters of a literature and culture of Spain or Latin America from among the following courses: Spain: Literature and Culture I and II (SPAN-241, SPAN-242), Latin America: Literature and Culture I and II (SPAN-261, SPAN-262). These courses must be taken on campus. Any two of these courses c4an be taken, and they may be taken in any order. 

1 semester Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (SPAN-210). (This course satisfies one semester of the College core requirement in Social Science.)

1 semester Spanish linguistics course to be chosen from among the following:  Structure of the Spanish Language (SPAN-212 or 412), Bilingualism: The Mind and Its Context (SPAN-313), Spanish Phonetics (SPAN-330), Teaching Spanish (SPAN-392),  Spanish Sociolinguistics (SPAN-396); History of the Spanish Language (SPAN-427); or World Spanishes (SPAN-499).  (This second linguistics course, in combination with SPAN 210, completes the College core requirement in Social Science.)

1 semester SPAN 494, the senior capstone course, in the fall of the student’s senior year. Students deemed eligible after completing the class will be invited to enroll in SPAN 400, the Spanish honors seminar, in which they will write an honors thesis on a topic of their choice. Students pursuing a 5-year Master’s Program may waive this requirement if approved by their mentor.

4 semesters upper-level Spanish electives (200–499) at the level of 200 or above, including at least one course at the 400-level or above.

Students may count one 200–400 level course taught in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese in a language other than Spanish (e.g., English, Portuguese, or Catalan) towards the major. Alternatively, with the permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, students may count a maximum of one course taken outside the department, if the course subject is deemed relevant to the Spanish major. 

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