Social Media RSS Feed en Finance with Study Abroad, BSc <p>Students on this programme learn through a combination of lectures, seminars, workshops, informal but scheduled one-on-one support, and self-directed learning, such as research, reading, and writing. All of these are supported by a state of the art virtual learning environment, Durham University Online (DUO). Seminars and workshops are much smaller groups than lectures, small enough to allow one-on-one interaction with professors and lecturers. Workshops also allow hands-on experience of solving business problems. This emphasis on small-group teaching reflects a conscious choice to enhance the quality of the learning experience rather than the quantity of formal sessions. In fact, the degree programme is designed to feature fewer formal sessions and more independent research as students move from their first to their final year. Small-group teaching and one-on-one attention from the personal academic advisor (provided for all students when they enter the programme) are part of the learning experience throughout, but by the final year classroom time gives way, to some extent, to independent research, including a capstone dissertation—supported by one-on-one supervision—that makes up a third of final year credits. In this way the degree programme systematically transforms the student from a consumer of knowledge in the classroom to a generator of knowledge, ready for professional or postgraduate life. These formal teaching arrangements are supported by “drop-in” surgeries with teaching staff and induction sessions that begin in the week before the start of the programme and continue at key times throughout each year of the programme. Students can also attend an extensive programme of research-focused seminars where staff and visiting scholars present their cutting edge research.</p> Thu, 07/19/2018 - 14:55 282607 282607 Pure and Applied Physics BSc <p>Physics underpins much in our everyday lives from the structure of the universe to your digital watch. Basic magnetism has led to life saving equipment such as CAT and MRI scanners and photonics research has led to CFDs, LEDs and barcode scanners. In fact, much of today’s technology is founded in  physics.</p> <p>Our physics courses combine a fundamental understanding of the laws of physics, that govern the behaviour of all systems from the very small to the very large, with applications in modern technologies underpinned by these laws. The course is built around a core of compulsory modules giving a thorough grounding in physics. You will also take part in group projects that will allow you to develop your team working, problem solving, communication and presentation skills; all desirable within the industrial and research communities.</p> <p>This course is specially designed for students from a non-standard mathematics background. You can choose to follow any of the physics degree courses that we offer within the first year of this degree. For example, you may opt to pursue the single-subject Physics degree. The only difference with Pure And Applied Physics is the additional mathematics help you will receive during your first year (and a more relaxed assessment regime - to let you catch up without worrying about end-of-semester mathematics exams).</p> <p>Physics is widely considered to be a challenging subject and so here at Salford we place great emphasis on small group teaching so that you feel fully supported and able to ask questions, after all, all the best physicists have enquiring minds.</p> <p>A unique part of our physics degree is our emphasis on employer engagement. We consulted professional physicists from industry when we designed this course to ensure that the content we are teaching you is robust and will prepare you for the world of work. Additionally, physicists working in industry also drop by to give guest seminars and set real life problems for you to work on. Due to the analytical and problem solving nature of physics, this degree opens doors to a wide range of careers. Previous graduates have commonly found employment in the following sectors: medical physics, defence, finance, research, education, engineering and nuclear. As a Salford graduate you will  have no shortage of skills to take you into a successful, exciting career.</p> Thu, 07/19/2018 - 14:24 765063 765063 B.A. in Physics Areas of Study <p>The Bachelor of Arts in Science (5-12, Physics) is a competency-based degree program that prepares students to be licensed as physics teachers in grades 5-12. All work in this degree program is online with the exception of the Demonstration Teaching and in-classroom field experience components. The program consists of work in General Education, Teacher Education Foundations and Diversity, General Science and Physics Content, Science Education, Instructional Planning and Presentation, Pre-Clinical Experiences and Demonstration Teaching. Teacher Education Foundations Foundational Perspectives in Education This course provides an introduction to the historical, legal, and philosophical foundations of education. Current educational trends, reform movements, major federal and state laws, legal and ethical responsibilities, and an overview of standards-based curriculum are the focus of the course. The course of study presents a discussion of changes and challenges in contemporary education. It covers the diversity found in American schools, introduces emerging educational technology trends, and provides an overview of contemporary topics in education. Fundamentals of Educational Psychology Students will learn the major theories of typical and atypical physical, social, cognitive, and moral development of children and adolescents. Information processing, brain research, memory, and metacognition will also be covered. Classroom Management, Engagement, and Motivation Students will learn the foundations for effective classroom management as well as strategies for creating a safe, positive learning environment for all learners. Students will be introduced to systems that promote student self-awareness, self-management, self-efficacy, and self-esteem. Educational Assessment Educational Assessment assists students in making appropriate data-driven instructional decisions by exploring key concepts relevant to the administration, scoring, and interpretation of classroom assessments. Topics include ethical assessment practices, designing assessments, aligning assessments, and utilizing technology for assessment.</p> Thu, 07/19/2018 - 14:22 698072 698072 Criminal Justice <p>The curriculum of the Criminal Justice major is interdisciplinary, which provides great advantages in career choices. The major provides students with a background in various aspects of criminal law, criminology, policing, corrections, and victimology as well as issues of race and gender. Many courses include observations of court proceedings and police functions as well as visits to correctional institutions and programs. A broad background in the social sciences is integrated with specialized criminal justice courses. Experiential learning is also available to criminal justice students enrolled in Service Learning courses and internships.</p> <p>B.A. In Criminal Justice<br /> M.A. in Criminal Justice</p> <p>The mission of the Criminal Justice Program at Kean University is to prepare students as criminal justice professionals who contribute to the community, profession, and discipline through research and administration in the criminal justice system. Students in the program will develop a broad understanding of the criminal justice system including the correctional, courts, and juvenile justice systems; application of the law, and policing. The Criminal Justice Program maintains a philosophy of education that provides a comprehensive curriculum and fosters in its students an appreciation and respect for community, sensitivity for diverse cultures and opinions, and a desire to pursue graduate study.</p> <p>Declaring a Major/Minor in Criminal Justice<br /> Admission into the Criminal Justice program and program continuation in the major require a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5. All major courses require a grade of "C" or higher. New and transfer students must submit a Major/Minor Status Change form with an unofficial transcript or Program Evaluation to the Criminal Justice Office in Willis Hall 305. Forms will not be accepted if the current GPA is not 2.5 or higher. Completed forms will be submitted to the Office of the Registrar and students will be emailed a copy of an approved form. Declaring a Minor in Criminal Justice requires that students attain a grade of "C" or higher in all selected courses. Forms can be accessed here.</p> <p>For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here. </p> Thu, 07/19/2018 - 12:33 1255291 1255291 Marketing BS <p>Marketing focuses on understanding, targeting and satisfying consumer markets on a global scale by offering superior value, innovation, and relationships. Students learn how to benefit from local, national, and global market opportunities and trends through the conception and implementation of well-differentiated marketing tactics and strategies.</p> <p>The major in Marketing emphasizes the knowledge, skills, creativity, and strategies necessary for effective performance in the functional areas of marketing such as product development, branding, market research, distribution, pricing, and promotion. The required courses are designed to demonstrate the interaction of the social, economic, demographic, cultural, and global environments and its effect on the successful managing of an organization’s marketing strategies. The marketing electives offer an opportunity for students to choose areas of more specialized knowledge according to their interests and career goals.<br />  </p> <p>Career Paths</p> <p>The Marketing program empowers students to pursue career opportunities in a broad range of fields including brand management, advertising, public relations, marketing communications, media, market research, retailing and logistics, international trade and marketing, sales management, client relations, E-business, social media, sports and entertainment, leisure, hospitality and tourism, event planning, consulting, entrepreneurial ventures, and non-profit organizations.</p> Thu, 07/19/2018 - 11:02 1250900 1250900 Film Studies, BA <p>Our Film Studies Joint Honours course links the criticism and history of film to the core concerns of a range of other subjects. If you are fascinated by film, but want to combine your passion with another area of study, the Joint Honours route is the perfect choice. Subjects include Creative Writing, English, Journalism, or Media and Communication. Each of these options functions as a carefully designed programme of study, which allows you to focus on the films you love, while also developing knowledge and skills in an area of your choice.</p> Thu, 07/19/2018 - 10:19 30279 30279 B.B.A. in Sport Management <p>The B.B.A. in Sport Management consists of the School of Business core classes supplemented with coursework in sport management and athletic equipment management. Students receive a thorough understanding of topics such as sport marketing, ethics, finance, and economics, as well as legal aspects and the social, psychological, and international foundations of the sport. Sports management majors choose between two tracks within the degree program. The Sport Management major consists of the School of Business Core courses supplemented with courses in sport management and athletic equipment management. The program is based on a set of principles covering key content areas: Social, psychological and international foundations of the sport Sport management Ethics Sport marketing Finance Accounting Economics Legal aspects of sport Integrative experiences involving strategic policies, internships, and a capstone experience Students in the Sport Management major choose one of two tracks for their career development: General track or Athletic Equipment Management track. The management of sport organizations and programs is a recognized area of management.</p> Thu, 07/19/2018 - 09:47 844840 844840 Psychology BSc Single Honours <p>​If you are fascinated by how and why people behave and think as they do and would like to develop the skills and knowledge to allow you to have a positive impact on society, then this BPS accredited course is for you.</p> Thu, 07/19/2018 - 09:39 941653 941653 BA in Nursing <p>Nurses who have an active RN license can earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in as few as three semesters* -- online, and on your schedule. </p> <p>Complete in as few as 3 semesters*</p> <p>Courses on your schedule</p> <p>Group-specific tuition rates</p> <p>Receive 77 proficiency credits</p> <p>100% online coursework</p> <p>The RN to BSN Online Degree Completion Option is part of Chamberlain’s comprehensive CCNE accredited** BSN program. Designed by RNs for RNs, the curriculum is meant to challenge your thinking about nursing and your role as a professional nurse as well as help you prepare for expanded roles. </p> Thu, 07/19/2018 - 09:11 371589 371589 Geoscience BA <p>Geosciences prepares students to excel in earth-related careers in public service, the private sector, and education. Job demand is high with the prevalence of long-term issues like changing energy supplies, dwindling natural resources, climate change, and natural disasters. MTSU has one of the Southeast's largest undergraduate programs, but a student-faculty ratio of 10 to 1 allows personal attention. Concentrations in geology and physical geography are offered, and a master’s program is available. The global demand for geoscientists in areas such as mining, oil and gas exploration, environmental science, and the rapidly expanding field of geographic information systems (GIS) far exceeds the current supply. Graduates also go on to earn master's and doctoral degrees at some of the nation's most prestigious research universities or work in geoscience-related professions such as park service, science journalism, and science education. Employers of MTSU alumni include ARCADIS Arnold Air Force Base ATC Associates Bauer Foundation Corp. Chesapeake Energy Doe Run Mining Middle schools and high schools Murfreesboro Planning Department Notre Dame University Nyrstar Mining Rutherford County Planning Commission Signal Hill Petroleum Smyrna Planning Department Southwestern Energy St. John Engineering Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Tennessee Department of Transportation Tennessee State Parks Texas Christian University U.S. Army Corps of Engineers University of Memphis University of Oklahoma Vanderbilt University Wiser Co.</p> Thu, 07/19/2018 - 09:09 370760 370760