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    • 1 day ago

    Bachelor of Nutrition Science

    Deakin University
    Burwood, Australia

    To complete the Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences, students must attain 24 credit points. Most units (think of units as 'subjects') are equal to 1 credit point. In order...

    Deadline: Jun 30, 2018 Starts: Sep 01, 2018
    Jun 30, 2021 0 0 Deakin University
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    • 2 days ago

    Bachelor of Science in Public Health

    Bowling Green State University
    Bowling Green, United States

    A bachelor degree in public health with an environmental health concentration will prepare students for a career as an environmental health professional. Environmental he...

    Deadline: Jun 30, 2018 Starts: Sep 01, 2018
    Jun 30, 2020 0 0 Bowling Green State University
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    • 2 days ago

    Bachelor of Dental Surgery

    Queen Mary University of London
    London, United Kingdom

    Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry brings together two venerable teaching institutions: St Bartholomew’s Hospital, which dates back to 1123, and The London Hospi...

    Deadline: Jun 30, 2018 Starts: Sep 01, 2018
    Jun 30, 2023 0 0 Queen Mary University of London
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    • 1 minute ago

    Dental Hygiene, B.S.

    University of Bridgeport
    Bridgeport, United States

    If you are a licensed dental hygienist with a completed associate’s degree from an accredited school of dental hygiene, our program can help you enhance your skills and career oppo...

    0 0 University of Bridgeport
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    • 1 minute ago

    Radiologic Sciences (BS)

    University of South Alabama
    Mobile, United States

    Since its inception in 1976, the Department of Radiologic Sciences has provided a quality educational program with a sustained emphasis upon graduating competent and compassionate ...

    0 0 University of South Alabama
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    • 21 seconds ago

    BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science

    University of Portsmouth
    Portsmouth, United Kingdom

    This joint Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) and Royal Society of Biology accredited course is designed to appeal to students who have diverse career aspirations. With experti...

    Starts: September
    0 0 University of Portsmouth
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    • 2 minutes ago

    Hospitality Management Bachelor of Science

    Illinois Institute of Art
    Chicago, United States

    The mission of the Hospitality Management Bachelor of Science program is to prepare future leaders for entry level management in the hospitality industry and to provide a quality e...

    Starts: November
    0 0 Illinois Institute of Art
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    • 1 minute ago

    Nursing - Adult - BSc (Hons)

    Birmingham City University
    Birmingham, United Kingdom

    Our Adult Nursing BSc (Hons) course expertly supports you in gaining the hands-on clinical and care skills that reassure patients/service users and their families that a profession...

    Starts: August
    0 0 Birmingham City University
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    • 1 minute ago

    BSc (Hons) in Testing and Certification

    Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR China

    This programme aims to provide an integrated Testing & Certification (T&C) training to students, in order to equip them with the knowledge and practical skills to work in the compl...

    0 0 Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
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    • 1 minute ago

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    University of Phoenix
    Phoenix, United States

    Our LPN/LVN to BSN program is designed to fit the needs of busy nurses. You can work on your education one class at a time, enhancing your knowledge and boosting your career opport...

    0 0 University of Phoenix
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    • 1 minute ago

    Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration

    Hodges University
    Naples, United States

    The purpose of the Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration program is to provide a quality undergraduate education in health services administration through an innova...

    0 0 Hodges University
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    • 8 hours ago

    Stanford Medicine X, in pictures

    United States

    For three days, hundreds of people gathered on campus (and hundreds more tuned in via livestream) to hear about and discuss the future of health care — and how we can work together...

    Sep 23, 2017
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    • 52 seconds ago

    Dental Hygiene, BA

    University of Minnesota
    Minneapolis, United States

    Within the University's liberal arts curriculum, the baccalaureate program provides advanced knowledge and practice in both general university courses and dental hygiene theory and...

    0 0 University of Minnesota
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    • 30 seconds ago

    Public Health Associate of Science Degree

    St. Paul Technical College
    Saint Paul, United States

    The Public Health Associate of Science (AS) Degree program is designed for students who plan to pursue a bachelor's degree in public health, health education, community health, epi...

    0 0 St. Paul Technical College
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    • 46 seconds ago

    Medical Assisting AAS

    College of Lake County
    Grayslake, United States

    Medical Assisting offers an Associate in Applied Science degree and certificate options. These credentials prepare students to perform administrative and clinical duties in offices...

    0 0 College of Lake County
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    • 12 hours ago

    Cancer drug may inhibit growth of cysts in patients with inherited form of kidney disease

    In continuation of my update on bostinibA cancer drug called bosutinib may inhibit the growth of cysts in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD), accord...

    Sep 22, 2017
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    • 4 hours ago

    Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology

    Becker College
    Worcester, United States

    As veterinarians strive to meet the growing demand for high-quality care of companion animals and animals in other industries, well-qualified veterinary technologists will find a w...

    0 0 Becker College
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    • 2 minutes ago

    Nursing for Registered Nurses - B.S.N.

    Kent State University
    Kent, United States

    The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in Nursing for Registered Nurses is for registered nurses (RN) with a diploma or associate degree who are seeking an accredited bachelor’s...

    0 0 Kent State University
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    • 1 week ago

    Human Nutrition & Dietetics Undergraduate

    Dublin Institute of Technology
    Dublin, Ireland

    Students on this programme are registered in DIT and TCD. The programme is designed to provide an integrated training in the science of nutrition and dietetics and its applications...

    Deadline: Jun 30, 2018 Starts: Sep 01, 2018
    Jun 30, 2022 0 0 Dublin Institute of Technology
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    • 1 week ago

    Bachelor of Nutrition Science

    Deakin University
    Burwood, Australia

    Learn about the fascinating role of food and nutrition in human health and disease prevention. Today's emphasis on nutrition science has created a demand for qualified nutrition...

    Deadline: Jan 31, 2018 Starts: Mar 01, 2018
    Sep 01, 2019 0 0 Deakin University
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    • 1 day ago

    New drug shows promising results for treating spinal muscular atrophy

    A drug developed by an Iowa State University biomedical researcher as a potential treatment for spinal muscular atrophy showed promising results in a recently published study.Ravin...

    Sep 21, 2017
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    • 1 day ago

    Biomedicine BSc

    Lancaster University
    Lancaster, United Kingdom

    This degree scheme offers more flexibility than our IBMS-accredited Biomedical Science degree. The Biomedicine degree is aimed at those with a broad interest in human life processe...

    0 0 Lancaster University
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    • 1 day ago

    BSc in Nursing

    Western Governors University - Texas
    Austin, United States

    Want to become a nurse? Now is the perfect time to become a Registered Nurse (RN). WGU’s B.S. in Nursing (Prelicensure) degree program prepares you with the content knowledge and e...

    0 0 Western Governors University - Texas
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    • 1 day ago

    Nursing AS, advanced standing

    North Hennepin Community College
    Brooklyn Center, United States

    The North Hennepin Community College Associate Degree Nursing Program is designed to educate students who are prepared to begin professional nursing careers as competent, caring me...

    0 0 North Hennepin Community College
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    • 1 day ago

    Food and Human Nutrition with Placement BSc Honours

    Newcastle University
    Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

    Scientific research has given us an excellent understanding of the fundamental aspects of nutrition, including: what makes up a balanced diet how our bodies use different foods an...

    0 0 Newcastle University